Ikegami Hideyuki



3000m 8:26:12

5000m 14:20:20

​10000m 29:26.50

half marathon 1:03:09

30k 1:31:53

​Marathon 2:13:41


My name is Ikegami Hideyuki. I'm running under a German coach named Dieter Hogen.

My dream is to make very successful and long career as a marathoner. In other words, I want to see how fast I can run in all my life and how many marathon races I can win. I want to challenge my limit.

I won't train in one specific place. Coach Hogen and I would discuss which race we do and where I prepare for the race every time. We want to be flexible.

All I want to do is to enjoy the process, to make a good preparation for all workouts and races and make my dream comes true.


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