36 k moderate run, 5 weeks remain till the Osaka Marathon!

36k moderate run with good negative splits : 17:45 17:36 17:21 17:34 17:12 17:12 16:59 3:21 Total 2:05:03

I'm getting ready for the Osaka Marathon which is held 26 th November. But I tried to run enough slow with as relaxed and smooth as possible running style.

Because I till remember the mistake that I made when I prepared for the Hannover Marathon. When I stood the start line, I felt

to be ready and strong. But I already felt something was wrong at the first Kilometer point. My legs started quitting to respond gradually and finally I dropped out.

What happens? I thought I made a good preparation for the Hannover Marathon. But the truth is that I killed myself in training already. As a result, when I stood on the start line, my body had no more energy. I was disappointed very much. But that was a very good lesson to me. And even that was good

luck to me because that was my first marathon and I'm still young. I can fix it next time.

That's why this time I'm trying not to kill myself in training. Of course somehow hard workouts are important to get me ready for running 2:10. But it doesn't mean that I should make an all out workout every time.

Also I learned that doing just easy or hard

workouts was wrong. What I need to do is not to make hard workouts as hard as possible, but good and solid without killing myself.

Also I learned mental factors. When I prepared for the Hannover Marathon, I put too much pressure on me by myself. All it did was just to get me confused and my hormone balance disrupt. In short I got too

tired because of not only hard training but also too much straining mentally and staying out of relaxed. Maybe I was not able to focus on training 100% then because when you want to focus on something, whatever it is, you need to take the best balance between straining and staying relaxed mentally and physically.

So now I'm trying to enjoy running and whole my life as possible. I still feel fresh

mentally and physically and am looking forward to the Osaka Marathon very much!!!




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