High-tech half marathon

I joined high-tech half marathon 14th January in Tokyo for prize money and fun. First half I just enjoyed the atmosphere of the race, hung on the pack and see how I felt. And second half I focused on my own race and tried to make the last 10k faster than my PB of 10 (29:44). Finally I made the last 10k 29:35 (unofficial) and won the race.

There were some strong guys, for example a Kenyan guy Cyrus Juy who ran half marathon 61 in the past and an university student Yosizato who ran 10000m 29:20. But none of them were in shape. It was a little boring to me. Anyway I got a hunch to make a good season in 2018.

Now what I concern about is prize money. The race organizers are not sure about prize money because race organizers and the sponsor of the race aren't working together. That's strange. But it's gonna be all right. I hope so.




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