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Osaka Marathon 2017

Osaka marathon 2017

2:13:41 2nd place

I just hung on the pack in the beginning. I already felt my legs were heavy then. At the 15k the pack was consisted of only 4 guys, me and 4 Eritrean guys. Then I already started feeling uncomfortable.

After the 20k I made a decision to go for my own pace. Once I dropped to 3 rd position. I just kept saying to myself "I'm the strongest guy. I'm still able to beat that guy". I got a good rhythm again after the 25k. The situation of the race was getting harder and harder to me. But I kept believing that I was able to catch the guy after the 30k and tried to focus on my race. I had done everything to prepare well for this race for several months. I believed that there's nothing to be nervous or worry.

Until the moment I crossed the finish line, I stayed positive to do my best. But when I crossed the finish line, my real emotion spilled out of my mind : I really wanted to win the race and run much faster than the real time. I felt bad about the result.

But after sleeping one night, I didn't care the result anymore. I'm staying positive because I got the base line and now I know how I feel with marathon preparation and marathon itself. I learned something from this marathon and I already have some ideas to improve my preparation for marathon. I can go forward from here!!

So now I'm happy and very looking forward to next marathon and training!!







中学 京都府亀岡市立亀岡中学校

都道府県対抗男子駅伝6区区間賞 自己ベスト3km 8分51秒


高校 洛南高校

京都府駅伝3年連続区間賞 チームも優勝

全国高校駅伝3年連続出場 19位 11位 18位


大学 京都教育大学


関西インカレ10000m優勝 ハーフマラソン優勝

西日本インカレ 5000m 2位 10000m 2位

京都選手権 10000m優勝

近畿選手権 10000m優勝






実業団4社からの誘いを断り、ドイツ人コーチDieter Hogenの下でトレーニングを続ける。所属は1990年にCoach Hogen、イギリス人マネージャーのキム・マクドナルドらで立ち上げたKimbia Athletics。









ハーフマラソン 63分09秒

30km 1時間31分53秒

マラソン 2時間13分41秒

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