The best way of creating a life of freedom

最終更新: 2018年8月9日

Chapter 1

Hello, I’m a freedom runner Ikegami.

I’m a professional marathoner and have been seeking out well being. In my career I traveled around Kenya, Germany and many places in Japan and have met so many people. Also I have read many books in my life. Now I have much more knowledges about nutrition, psychology, meditation, and health management more than most of people.

For me well being is the biggest goal in my life. One day well being is achieved by three main factors : physical well being, mental well being and financial well being. I have posted many information about nutrition, injury management and mental factors in my official website. But today I’m gonna talk about financial well being, that means making passive income. Again, I’m gonna talk about only making passive income. Nothing else. It’s a little long story. But no mater how much you know about business, you would be surprised after reading this blog. So please read all information very well.

If you want to just earn much money, there are tons of ways in this world. You can work for a big company 60 hours a week or you can invest tons of money to be an entrepreneur. But if you make a life of freedom to do something you really love, spend more time with your family or travel around all over the world, you should think about making passive income and the system which pays you good money in all rest of your life.

For me making passive income and the system which can pay you good money in rest of your life is very important. Because I’m here for the purpose. It’s not working in a factory and carrying cardboards but seeking out something more. Now I’m lucky because I have a sponsor. But I know it’s not for everybody. It’s not easy at all. For me it’s good. I’m the right guy who is trying to see how far I can go in terms of how fast I can run Marathon and how many races I can win. But marathon is not for everybody. I want to tell you and help you to live your real own life for all of you.

If you answer yes to following questions, you should think about how to make passive income :

1. Do you feel blue in Sunday night or Monday morning?

2. Do you want to quit your job if the pay is shit?

3. Do you want to change your job if possible?

4. Do you want to earn extra money besides your current job?

If you answered yes to above questions, let’s go for more information to create a life of freedom.

I have read a lot of books and met a lot of people who were belong to more than 20 nationalities including Africans, Europeans, Asians and Americans and have gotten a lot of information. But not many businesses can make passive income or the system which can pay you good money in rest of your life. Or simply you should invest tons of money to make passive income or the system. Sometimes some people say that it’s real easy to earn money at your home. But in most of cases once you start doing it, you gotta work for it long time and cannot make passive income. It’s just replacement of your current job which you don’t love. For these reasons I cannot recommend you.

Usually you need tons of money to make passive income like a few million dollars or an enough financial cushion to allow you to work for years without income. In both cases, rich people are getting richer and poor people keep staying poor. That’s why the difference between rich people and poor people are getting bigger and bigger.

An economics professor Anthony Atkinson points out in his book ‘’The inequality’’ that in 1980’s the top one percent of rich people in the USA had 30% wealth of the whole USA. Now it reaches 50%.

Why is the difference between rich people and poor people are getting bigger and bgger?

There are two reasons :

1. Rich people sell non-physical goods like financial products, copyrights or something like that, instead of selling physical products.

2. Rich people have tons of money to invest for something. Then they can increase their wealth even though they are doing nothing. Somebody else works for them.

I’m not going to give you an economic lecture. Here’s long story short :

1. You should sell non-material products, in other words, rights instead of selling material products. Because if you sell material products, your income increases only proportionally and you gotta keep working and have stock risks. On the other hands, if you sell non-material products, in other words rights, your income increases exponentially and finally you can make passive income without stock risks. Plus, you don’t need something in this physical room, in other words 3 dimensional room. For example, you sell shoes. Then you need a warehouse to stock your shoes and cars and drivers to carry your products.

2. You should be an entrepreneur with as small as possible initial investments. As long as you are working for somebody, you cannot make passive income and create a life of freedom neither.

To design your ideal life and build a life of freedom, you need to be an entrepreneur with as small as possible initial investments. You might think it’s complicated or impossible. But it’s not. Just you need to collect information to make a right decision and you can be an entrepreneur with the smallest initial investments ever.

In the past, it required tons of money to be a business owner. But now thanks to the Internet, you can be a business owner if you have a creative idea.

For example, you can earn money from Youtube or blog. Also in terms of investors, you can deal with stock or exchange transaction online. And you can earn money by affiliate program which exists all over the world. Now it’s the best time to be a business owner. If the first planning is enough good, now it’s the time to make passive income with the smallest initial investments ever before.

In terms of business, the first planning is the most important thing. If the first planning is well planned, everything else would work well.

My business plan is well designed for that everybody including a beginner can make passive income and assets. In my group all business partners support each other. This is usually impossible because in most of businesses people in the same business become automatically competitors. There is no incentive to help other people in the same business.

That’s why in most of businesses you should work alone and learn everything by yourself. Or you should pay to learn from somebody who knows about your business well. On the other hand, my business plan is designed that all business partners in my group can help each other with incentives.

My opinion so far is :

1. You should have passive income and assets to create your own life.

2. You should be a business owner with as small as possible initial investment.

What I am saying is not that you better have passive income, but having passive income is the only way to create a life freedom your!! Why?

Because in business owners and entrepreneurs in developed countries have common idea that they pay as less as possible salaries to their employees by moving their factories to developing countries and hiring workers in developing countries. That means, first, people in developed countries lose their jobs more and more, second people in developing countries keep staying poor now and also in the future. Only business owners and entrepreneurs are getting richer and richer.

This phenomenon is called the jobless recovery. People lose their jobs while economics develops. That’s why the difference between rich people and poor people are growing. In fact, in the USA a lot of people lost their jobs and they were replaced by immigrants who worked with less salaries. And some people are forced to move to foreign countries.

For me having passive income and create assets is almost duty to make your family happy and create your ideal life.

Based on this point of view, I will talk about how to choose job. I got a lot of information about business and there are 3 factors I consider to make a decision if I go ahead or not.

1. If I can make passive income in a long term vision.

2. If I can earn money with by doing what I love.

3. If I can start up with low risks.

In terms of the first factor, I was born for my own purpose. I have many things that I want to achieve in my life. That’s why I want to earn money efficiently. Then the key competency is the leverage. The leverage means if your income increases exponentially, proportionally or diminishing. Let’s say taking a movie. If you take a movie for only one person, it costs at least a few millions. But you can sell it many people in a theater and in DVD form. Then you can use the leverage. Until you recover the initial investments, you have a big deficit, but once you recover the initial investments, the more you sell it, the more your income increases because expenses are almost zero, comparing the initial investments. Besides you need to do nothing. Somebody else sells DVDs and show your movie in a theater.

In terms of efficiency of earning money, if it is very important, if you can use the leverage effect. If you choose something which requires meeting face to face, it’s not efficient.

And I said also in a long term vision. Sometimes a good business model shows up in front of me like ‘’This is the newest business model in the world’’ or something like that. In a short term vision, these businesses are growing up rapidly and disappear or degenerate in a few years. For me it makes sense to choose stable business platform like google or amazon. If I choose a big company, the income should be stable and can earn money for a long time. If I do an agent business seriously, I choose a company which generates at least 100 million US dollars a year.

In terms of if I can earn money with by doing what I love, as I said before I was born for the own purpose. If I earn money by doing something which I don’t like, I better become a high school teacher. That’s enough stable and good salary. If you are a high school teacher, I’m sorry for saying this. But I’m not the right guy to teach kids. My passion is on a different place. There’s no reason to start up with my own business if I do something which I don’t love. If I start up my own business, there’s only one reason : because I want to spend more time, energy and money for my own purpose and dream.